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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Memories of 2011...

I've learned a lot of lessons this year. I sort of can't believe how much has happened in 12 months. Last January literally feels like a lifetime ago.

TOP TEN - Best Memories of 2011

10. Running to my friends apartment just in time to catch the premiere of my music video for "Naiisip Mo Ba" on MYX.
9. Recording/rehearsing our SNSD cover of "The Boys" with my younger brothers Ben & Jimmy.
8. Praying w/Yeng off air right before our duet together on "ASAP".
7. The long line of fans excited to buy my album after my first mall show in Baguio.

6. The joyful car rides home with my friends/team Carlo, Miyako, and publicist after each exciting new TV guesting (MU Live, Headstart: Karen Davila, Walang Tulugan, ASAP, Homepage …etc.)

5. Riding an elephant in Thailand.

4. Meeting Sarah Geronimo and having her say how much she enjoyed watching my version of "Sino Nga Ba Siya".
3. My guest performance w/Rivermaya,and YouTube collabs w/Jayson.
2. Filming my first self-directed music video w/Yassi Pressman as we walked around Greenbelt and tried to convince the security guards we were only taking pictures, hehe.
1. Balling my eyes out as I cried for the first time in years …happy tears, thinking back on the good times of my first trip to the Philippines and the way it felt to so carelessly fall in love.