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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Memories of 2011...

I've learned a lot of lessons this year. I sort of can't believe how much has happened in 12 months. Last January literally feels like a lifetime ago.

TOP TEN - Best Memories of 2011

10. Running to my friends apartment just in time to catch the premiere of my music video for "Naiisip Mo Ba" on MYX.
9. Recording/rehearsing our SNSD cover of "The Boys" with my younger brothers Ben & Jimmy.
8. Praying w/Yeng off air right before our duet together on "ASAP".
7. The long line of fans excited to buy my album after my first mall show in Baguio.

6. The joyful car rides home with my friends/team Carlo, Miyako, and publicist after each exciting new TV guesting (MU Live, Headstart: Karen Davila, Walang Tulugan, ASAP, Homepage …etc.)

5. Riding an elephant in Thailand.

4. Meeting Sarah Geronimo and having her say how much she enjoyed watching my version of "Sino Nga Ba Siya".
3. My guest performance w/Rivermaya,and YouTube collabs w/Jayson.
2. Filming my first self-directed music video w/Yassi Pressman as we walked around Greenbelt and tried to convince the security guards we were only taking pictures, hehe.
1. Balling my eyes out as I cried for the first time in years …happy tears, thinking back on the good times of my first trip to the Philippines and the way it felt to so carelessly fall in love.


  1. I know that Filipinos are happy to have you here in our country, thank you so much for sharing what you have especially your music and your talent. I myself definitely love your music I just knew you a month ago because of your guesting in ASAP ROCKS and by then on I started listening to your songs and watching your videos I am really enjoying them all. I don't know each day I always look forward to visit your accounts, you know your Youtube channels to know what's new, your Twitter and Facebook and it makes me feel glad and happy knowing that you personally response to your fans and followers. I love OPM songs as much as being a Filipino and it makes me feel more proud to know that their is someone like you (who doesn't have a Filipino blood but has a heart of being a Filipino) who supports OPM it is such an honor for us as we always remember this as the generation passes. I just wish you all the best in your singing career David and I will always be your no.1 fan I hope to see you this 2012 it may be sound impossible but I'l hold on to that wish. I just want to share my three wishes for 2012 first: To watch PBA (Philippine Baskeball Association) game live in Smart Araneta Coliseum, second: Watch SHOWTIME live and third: To meet David Dimuzio in person. I'm in Cebu that is why I have this idea that it is impossible for me to do all these I am still a student and have no capabilities to go to Manila on my own haha. Nevertheless I will always support you David and do the best that I can to share your songs to my friends and family. Knowing you is one of the BEST MEMORIES I have for this year 2011. God bless you always David thank you for being so nice and humble. I hope to see you soon. TWO THUMBS for you wishing you to have a good career for the next coming years! I love you David <3!

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the nice message :) really means a lot to me. I look forward to hopefully meeting you this year as well :)

    2. my pleasure David,I'm happy you read my message for you it makes my day really I have been waiting your response thank you so much! I really, really hope that I can meet you!!! :)

  2. David-san! :)

    This year has been an incredible journey. May it be good or bad, I count every single day as a blessing.

    Thank you so much for being part of my life. Your best friend, and being there for you at all times. It is my pleasure to be part of your working group, and everything else.

    Life is beautiful so live it to the fullest!!!

    I love you, buddy (^_____^)v *JAPAN SMILE!*



  3. yippee my apartment made it to the top 10! haha

    happy 2012 david. more gigs! :D

  4. I am a fan of SNSD and your The Boys version was cool but, I was bothered by your brother Ben(if I'm not mistaken) taking off his polo. It's like he's seducing all the girls(and boys?) who are watching the video. Haha. Anyway, it's funny but a little awkward. :)) He's sexy, though. ;)

    1. Hey Jhaney :) ...Thanks! Glad you liked our cover :)